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Ad Lagendijk Ad Lagendijk 9 February 2013

How to choose your key publications?

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The scientific community keeps on finding new ways to facilitate to judge scientists. The old-fashioned way of reading her papers, listening to her talks,  interviewing her for more than an hour, reading recommendation letters, and consulting colleagues personally takes way too much time.

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Frerik van Beijnum Frerik van Beijnum 7 October 2012

Inviting co-authors

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A problem I often encounter is deciding who to invite as co-authors. On one hand, you want to show appreciation to the people that helped you in the process of obtaining your results. On the other hand, generously adding authors will dilute the contribution of the people that made the largest contribution. In this post I would like to sketch a few hypothetical situations in which someone could be a co-author. The main goal here is to provoke some discussion on this subject, and learn about some good practices.

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Ad Lagendijk Ad Lagendijk 30 March 2012

Should editors of Science and Nature socialize with scientists?

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In this post the ever increasing socializing with journal editors at conferences is critically discussed. Suggestions are put forward to make the social role of junior scientists more prominent at conferences  and preventing the successful scientists from taking it all.

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Social dimension

My relatives think that scientists work in a lab, discover something, write a paper about it and get famous.

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