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Otto Muskens Otto Muskens 30 September 2012

“Predator” conferences and open-access publishers

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conference 300x212 Predator conferences and open access publishersThis week I received the following email stating “The purpose of this letter is to formally invite you, on behalf of the Organizing Committee, to be the speaker at the upcoming “2nd International Conference on Nanotek and Expo” (Nanotek-2012).” This sounds very much like a desirable invited talk in my area of expertise, nanotechnology. The website of the organizer, OMICS looks good and the organization seems associated with a list of proper scientists as keynote speakers and members.

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Frerik van Beijnum Frerik van Beijnum 26 July 2012

Effectiveness of large scale conferences

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Last May I visited the first large scale international conference (CLEO) during my PhD. I was shocked about the enormous contrast with smaller scale (more specialized) conferences. In this post, I will discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages that struck me during this conference.

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Otto Muskens Otto Muskens 18 April 2009

Who writes conference proceedings?

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homepage04 300x120 Who writes conference proceedings?As a student in a traditional condensed matter physics group, I was taught for many years that for every conference you visit, you write an article for the proceedings. In my experience it was mainly seen as a gesture to the organizers and to the community. Several times I have responded to the request of organizations like SPIE to contribute a 10-page article to a conference. In later years I was surprised to find out that this attitude toward proceedings is not shared among all researchers. So what is the role of conference proceedings in the present scientific system, should we write them, are they a waste of time, or are they perhaps worse than that?

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Ad Lagendijk Ad Lagendijk 27 August 2008

Why don’t *You* organize a conference?

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A scientist should behave as a good citizen in the scientific community. You cannot  expect that other colleagues spring cleaning.thumbnail Why dont *You* organize a conference?perform all the unpleasant jobs and that you can spent all your time on science.  I am referring to low-reward activities like reviewing papers, reviewing grant proposals, sitting on review panels, being an editor of a scientific journal, sitting on program committees and – which is the subject of my present post – really organizing a conference.

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