Ad Lagendijk Ad Lagendijk 5 October 2013

Using professional editing services

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chinese-charactersCommunicating in a language that is not your mother tongue is a handicap. For Germans and Dutch people speaking and writing acceptable English can be achieved after a few years of school. For people from Japan or from China this is a nightmare. But scientists from these countries have to do it if they want to have their papers published in leading journals.

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Ad Lagendijk Ad Lagendijk 5 October 2013

Failure of Microsoft’s Web Apps: Working simultaneously on documents

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I have a dislike of Microsoft. That feeling is based on over twenty years of experience with working with their operating systems, their office applications and their compilers. But recently the company is starting to impress me and the potential of their Web Apps is one of the reasons of my mellowing. Their Word Web App is a very promising solution for scientists who want to work on documents simultaneously with a number of colleagues. However my tests here show that the Web Apps still suffer from a lot of start-up problems. My conclusion is that the capability of working simultaneously on real-world documents is not yet available.

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Ad Lagendijk Ad Lagendijk 4 October 2013

Maximizing reusability of presentation slides

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recycleScience is about competition, about collaboration and about communication, to mention a few keywords dominating the life of a scientist. In this post I will discuss a matter relating to collaboration and communication: sharing of slides.

Active scientists spend a large fraction – if not a major – fraction of their time to either listening to a scientific presentation, or preparing and giving their own presentation. Successful scientists have a collection of hundreds of slides and pick out the relevant combination shortly before they give their talk.

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