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Topic: Web 2.0

Ad Lagendijk Ad Lagendijk 20 September 2012

Which is a better document standard: pdf or xml?

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pdf Which is a better document standard: pdf or xml?

Some time ago I was asked by Oxford University Press to write an article for their Library Magazine about which document format is better: pdf or xml. I defended pdf and following is my text. Martin Fenner defended xml. You can download both contributions as pdf file (!) here.

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Sanli Sanli 5 May 2012

Academia can benefit a lot from a more democratic funding system

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Much more has been said about the failure of current grant system than that has actually changed. My favorite opinion piece is this one by Peter A. Lawrence. The single-sentence abstract says it all: “The granting system turns young scientists into bureaucrats and then betrays them.” There are a couple of suggestions for improving the funding distribution in that article but the title of a comment by Markus Noll says enough about why nothing is changing: “Scientists in power will never change their system unless forced.”

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Ad Lagendijk Ad Lagendijk 12 April 2012

Poor quality of slide-sharing services

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rotten bananas Poor quality of slide sharing servicesIn my previous post I discussed a feature I would like to be implemented by slide-sharing services. I am not going to repeat here all the arguments why slide sharing is useful for scientists. I just want to discuss the present quality of the engines used by these services. I consider here SlideShare, authorSTREAM, SlideBoom and Google Docs from the point of view of scientists. Two years ago I pointed out to you that SlideBoom was by far the best. After two years much could have been changed in a world where nowadays everything on the Internet is about sharing.

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Ad Lagendijk Ad Lagendijk 11 April 2012

Important feature all slide-sharing-services lack

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scientific presentation Important feature all slide sharing services lack

Ten years years ago the major computer company Sun  Microsystems advertised in all media with the slogan: “The network is the computer”. And I must admit they knew where they were talking about. They saw the clouds coming. Sun has been taken over by Oracle in 2009.

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