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In this blog professional scientists write about their scientific life. Contributors are scientists in various stages of their career: from junior to senior. The aim is to supply scientists with tips on how to survive in science. This blog is a continuation of the book The Survival Guide for Scientists. For outsiders this blog will give an unprecedented insight in the professional life of scientists.

This blog is a continuation of The Survival Guide for Scientists. Through this blog, we will continue writing about guidelines for scientists and exploring ways to make their work more effective.

Eventually we hope to expand the Survival Guide for Scientists with more guidelines and with more themes with the help of the readers of this blog. Please post your own thoughts and experiences on how to survive as a scientist.

To give an impression of what type of contributions, posts, comments would be welcomed we give here some examples:

  • stories about struggles with editors and referees
  • experiences with submissions of manuscripts that the editors did not want to send out for review
  • experiences regarding quality of presentations at conferences
  • experience with presentation and good-writing courses
  • experiences of junior faculty with surviving in science
  • experiences with the social structure of the (hard) sciences (who gets invited talks, etc.)

No science writing
On the Internet numerous sites, blogs and forums can be found in which science writers and scientists explain or report on new scientific discoveries. There is no place for such contributions here. Although accounts of scientists about how they worked with the media would be appropriate.

Also no pure scientific contributions
On the Internet some sites exists where scientists discuss amongst themselves scientific subjects. If we would allow this here, our blog would become a messy mixed bag. But we sure would like to hear how scientists collaborate.

Why these restrictions?
Our aim is to help scientists. Any contribution being in line with this goal is in principle suitable. If we would have started this blog to attract as many posts and comments as possible we would have put up a number of threads on science and religion.

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We have put quite some effort in making our blog attractive for readers. If you want to know some details about how we have programmed some of our widgets, or whatever feature you are interested in, just use the contact form and we will supply you with the details.

The final responsibility regarding the policy of this blog rests with Ad Lagendijk but major decisions will first be discussed with all authors.

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